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Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency

Training Organisation, Private Ambulance Service and Event Medical Cover for Wales, West Country & Midlands Regions . Tel: 07736 743956

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Level 3 First Person on Scene             Tel:  07736  743956
(First Person on Scene Intermediate)
We deliver the AoFA Level 3 First Person on Scene Course. This course is designed for:
  • Community first responders
  • Co-Responders i.e. police, fire and rescue personnel, other emergency services
  • Military personnel
  • Private security personnel
  • Close protection personnel
  • Marine security personnel
  • Stewards
  • Event medical personnel
  • Volunteer sector
  • Cabin crew


Individuals must be aged 18 years or over


REMEMBER - There is a cut of date of 5 full days prior to the start date.

Once this has past, we cannot accept you onto the course.

Book early to avoid disappointment.


Course Dates for 2018
DateCost Course Status Additional Info

              Courses for 2017         

                  Type of Course Vacancies / Full / Closed                        


13th - 17th of January 2018

(Sat 13th - Wed 17th) 

£550.00 Combined FPoS & FREC Level 3 Course FULL

20th - 24th January

(Sat 20th - Wed 24th) 

£550.00 Combined FPoS & FREC Level 3 Course Closed 

16th - 20th of February 2018

(Fri 16th - Tue 20th)

£550.00  Combined FPoS & FREC Level 3 CourseFull

 24th - 28th February

(Sat 24th - Wed 28th)

£550.00  Combined FPoS & FREC Level 3 CourseVacancies Individuals may book onto this course 

24th - 28h of March 2018

Sat 24th - Wed 28th) 

£550.00 Combined FPoS & FREC Level 3 CourseFull

31st March - 4th April

(Sat 31st - Wed 4th) 

£550.00 Combined FPoS & FREC Level 3 Course Vacancies Individuals may book onto this course 

 13th - 15th

(Fri 13th - Sun 15th)

£350.00 FPoS Requalification Course  VacanciesMust have a valid in-date FPoS certificate to undertake this course 
 AprilDate to be confirmed£550.00  



MayDate to be confirmed£550.00 
June  Date to be confirmed£550.00  
July   Date to be confirmed£550.00  
To undertake the Re-Qualification Course, candidates must be in possession of a current, valid First Person on Scene Certificate. If your certificate has expired then you are not eligible to attend a re-qualification course and must attend a full course.
For anyone wishing to enquire about attending this Level 3 Course, please e mail us at stating First Person on Scene in the message bar.
Please note, if the course dates above do not match dates you are looking for, then please contact us as we may be able to run additional courses outside of these dates which we might be able to place you onto.

The Level 3 Award in the First Person at Scene (RQF) is an up to date qualification underpinned by current practice. It provides learners with the knowledge and life savings skills to assess, manage and treat a patient in a trauma and/or medical emergency and to stabilise the patient for up to forty minutes before the ambulance or pre-hospital care providers arrive. 

This course is Clinically Endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (FPHC)


Course Duration: 30 hours total qualification time (minimum 24 hours in classroom)


This qualification is valid for 3 years.

We Do Not Cancel Courses
Once you are booked onto one of our FPoS(I) Courses, then you can rest assured that your course will go ahead. Unlike other organisations, our organisation delivers courses because we want to and not because we have to.
With our FPoS(I) Courses, we understand that those working in the close protection industry have limited time with their families when back in the UK and need to plan that precious time well. So, we Do Not Cancel your course even if people drop out and the numbers fall. Your Course WILL Go on.
Please see the top of the page for course dates. If you require a course and the dates shown are not suitable, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate your requirements as we often run other courses that are not listed on the general course date list.
The Level 3 First person on Scene Course is a recognised pre-hospital care qualification for both the close protection and maritime security sectors and is also one of the named acceptable courses when applying for the SIA Licence in close protection.
Our experienced Advanced Paramedic Practitioner Lead and the team of State Registered Paramedic Tutors combined with Experienced Ambulance Technicians, Registered Nurses, and ex Military Medics will be able to offer you one of the best training experiences possible in pre-hospital emergency care training. Our instructors are current with their skills and all work in emergency medical care either with the Ambulance Services, A&E Departments or work as medics in Hostile environments.
Our training is delivered in South Wales, just a short distance from Cardiff in the Rhondda Valley.



Level 3 First Person on Scene  


Close Protection, MARSEC and Oil & Gas Industry Personnel



Contact us for details on



The course is delivered by our experienced State Registered Paramedic Instructors and Advanced Paramedic Practitioner Instructors who will welcome you and make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible on your Course.


Our aim is to provide you the candidate with the knowledge and skills that will enable you to act propmtly and efficiently at the scene of an incident. You will be able to take charge in an emergency situation, examine a casualty and dependant on your findings, be able to deliver appropriate emergency treatment that may include delivering oxygen therapy, immobilising fractured limbs, applying cervical collars, dealing with emergency medical situations as well as emergency trauma situations. 


You will gain a Level 3 Qualification on passing the Course.


We run courses aimed at the Close Protection and Maritime Security Industry for those operatives working either in hostile environments, undertaking close protection roles on land and sea. Our instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable and will be able to offer you a wealth of expertise when you attend our training courses. Our training staff are all up to date with their knowledge and skills and will train you to the highest standards.


If you have any questions, please e mail us in the first place on leaving your contact details so we can contact you back if required by telephone.








These courses are delivered over 30-Hours


The course is certified by AoFA and is endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh


Course Content Includes


  • Scene safety
  • Scene management
  • Patient assessment and patient handling
  • Assessing hazards and dangers at scene
  • assessing levels of consciousness
  • Catastrophic bleeding
  • Airway management
  • Management of the cervical spine
  • Breathing assessments
  • Circulation and shock
  • Dealing with disabilities
  • Exposure and environmental issues
  • Medical emergencies
  • Trauma emergencies
  • Sepsis
  • assisting health care professionals
  • management of paediatric emergencies



 skills and procedures covered on the course together with the associated equipment will include:


  • Patient Assessment
  • Choking conscious casualties
  • Choking unconscious casualties
  • Unconscious casualties
  • Life threatening bleedinG
  • CAT Tourniquet
  • CPR - Adult & Child
  • CPR with pocket mask
  • Oropharyngeal airways
  • Bag, Valve, Mask resuscitation
  • Head & Neck Injuries
  • Cervical Collars
  • KED
  • Long Board (Spinal Board)
  • Limb Fracture
  • Frac Immobiliser
  • Sam Splints
  • Chest Injuries
  • Abdominal Injuries
  • Road Traffic Collision
  • Removal of crash helmets
  • Diabeties
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • AED
  • Asthma
  • Assisting the Paramedic


The course is delivered by experienced State Registered Paramedic Tutors.


Cost £550.00 per candidate Unless indicated otherwise in the table above.


For companies booking candidates onto the course please be aware that we offer a discount as follows


1 to 4 Candidates £550 per person

5 to 8 Candidates £500 per person

8 to 12 Candidates £450 per person


Discount applies when all candidates are booked onto the same course dates.


Duration  30 Hours


Accommodation is available locally. We do not provide accommodation but can supply a list of local establishments that are friendly venues for our course candidates.







To book a course place e mail



REMEMBER! Hostile environments can occur in the UK as well as abroad!










Preparing people for major trauma at the training venue in South Wales





We run a Level 3 First Person on Scene Course for C0-Responders. 


If you are in an organisation that responds to casualties, then you should ensure that you are trained and that the training is up to date.


We provide up to date training that can be tailored towards your specific needs to ensure you meet the course requirements as well as your organisational requirements.



 Organisations where membership or employment would meet the eligibility criteria for attendance on a Co-Responder Level 3 First Person on Scene Course would be:-


  • HM Armed Forces
  • Fire & Rescue Service
  • MOD Fire Service
  • UK Police Force
  • Police Firearms Unit
  • MOD Police
  • BT Police
  • HM Coastguard
  • Coast Rescue Organisations
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Cave Rescue
  • St John Ambulance
  • British Red Cross
  • St Andrews Ambulance
  • Private Ambulance Services
  • Voluntary Ambulance Services
  • UK Ambulance First Responder Group
  • Rescue Organisations.
  • SIA Licenced Staff



The course will include Major Trauma and is suitable for those who undertake event security work especially due to the increasing terrorist activities taking place to ensure you are appropriately trained.  


Contact us to arrange training at 


Does your training and knowledge prepare you??


Terrorist Attacks in the UK have made many sit back and think if their training and knowledge in Pre-Hospital Care is up to the required level. We will deliver training that covers the type of injuries that responders may be faced with.





The combined Course First Person on Scene Level 3 and FREC Level 3 will have an additional day after the training days for the examinations and assessments to be completed.










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