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Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency

Training Organisation, Private Ambulance Service and Event Medical Cover for Wales, West Country & Midlands Regions . Tel: 07736 743956

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FREC Level 3 
(First Response Emergency Care) 

We deliver the Level 3 FREC Courses including 3-day Conversion courses.


if you wish to state an interest in attending a course, please e mail stating FREC3 in the title of your e mail.


FREC 3 is Approved by the SIA for licencing.


FREC 3 is a regulated and nationally recognised pre-hospital care qualification, which is clinically endorsed by The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care- The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and fulfils the competencies set out in the Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) skills framework at descriptor level D.


The QA Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (QCF) qualification is specifically designed for those seeking a career in the emergency services, ambulance services, the event medical sector or those who work in high risk workplaces.


This course is also approved by the SIA for licencing for those who are or wish to work in close protection, hostile environments etc.


Our team of NHS Ambulance Paramedic tutors and assessors offer extensive practical, clinical and educational experience, ensuring professional delivery, mentor support and guided learning throughout your course.


Many of our instructors are ex military with a vast knowledge and experience of trauma and medical care in both military and civilian settings in hostile as well as conventional environments.



This Level 3 Certificate offers entry level education for those who wish to seek employment within the pre-hospital care sector. It is an Ofqual regulated pre-hospital care qualification is ideal for those who have a specific responsibility to respond to emergency situations. The qualification is approved by Qualsafe Awards, and is clinically endorsed by The Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (FPHC).


The Level 3 Certificate  in First Response Emergency Care (FREC) meets the FPHC criteria for descriptor ‘D’ provider on the PHEM Skills Framework. The clinical skills taught are particularly suited to security staff, close protection / marine protection operators, medical response teams, fire and police officers, industrial first aiders, healthcare providers and community responders.


This Certificate covers all learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work qualification, and as such, exceeds the HSE requirement for those acting as a workplace first aider and covers a number of additional training needs required for higher risk working environments.








Course Dates for 2018


DateCost Course Status Additional Info

              Courses for 2017         

                  Type of Course Vacancies / Full / Closed                        


13th - 17th of January 2018 

(Sat 13th - Wed 17th)

£550.00 Combined FREC & FPoS Level 3 Course FULL

 20th - 24th January

(Sat 20th - Wed 24th) 

£550.00 Combined FREC & FPoS Level 3 Course Closed 

17th - 21st of February

(Sat 17th - Wed 21st)

£550.00  Combined FREC & FPoS Level 3 Course FULL

24th - 28th of February

(Sat 24th - Wed 28th) 

£550.00 Combined FREC & FPoS Level 3 Course Vacancies Individuals may book onto this course 

24th - 28th of March

(Sat 24th - Wed 28th) 

£550.00 Combined FREC & FPoS Level 3 Course FULL

31st March  - 4th April

(Sat31st - Wed 4th) 

 £550.00Combined FREC & FPoS Level 3 Course Vacancies Individuals may book onto this course 

13th - 15th April

(Fri 13th - Sun 15th) 

£350 FREC Requalification Course Vacancies 

Must have in-date FREC Certificate

 to attend requalification course 

 AprilDate to be confirmed£550.00  



MayDate to be confirmed£550.00 
June  Date to be confirmed£550.00  
July   Date to beconfirmed£550.00  





Conversion Course


The 3-day conversion course is designed for those who hold the FPoS(I) course or equivalent and is held over 3 training days.


Candidates must be in possession of a valid FPoS(I) Certificate or equivalent certification in order to attend the course. Proof of certification is required and candidates will be required to present their original certification at the commencement of the course. Failure do present a valid in-date certificate will forfeit a candidates position and eligibility to attend the course. 


Contact us to check on your eligibility for the conversion course.




FREC 3 Course Entry requirements:


There are no formal requirements for entry to this qualification, but it is helpful to have knowledge and skills equivalent to or higher than first aid at work.



Course Breakdown



  • Contact learning hours (Classroom) 35 hrs.
  • Self directed study 118 hrs.
  • Minimum time to complete the award 3 weeks
  • Maximum time to complete the award 20 weeks


Course Content

The following are included in the course content:


•    Basic Life Support (BLS) and Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
•    Child and Infant BLS
•    Emergency oxygen administration 
•    Bag Valve Mask (BVM) and pocket mask 
•    Trauma and catastrophic bleeding
•    Head and spinal injuries
•    Shock and circulation 
•    Sudden poisoning
•    Burns and scalds
•    Airway management
•    Environmental exposure 
•    Responding to life threatening medical conditions





  • 13 practical assessments
  • 3 x theory assessments (Multiple choice questions)
  • 4 x skill tests and formative assessments undertaken throughout the course







Recognition of Prior Learning:


Learners who have gained a Level 2 First Person On Scene (Intermediate) qualification within the last 3 years may attend a shorter 3 day FREC requalification course.




The combined Course First Person on Scene Level 3 and FREC Level 3 will have an additional day after the training days for the examinations and assessments to be completed

This qualification may be used towards achieving other pre-hospital care qualifications, including the Level 4  Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (FREC).