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Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency (PHECTA)

Training Organisation, Private Ambulance Service and Event Medical Cover for Wales, West Country & Midlands Regions

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IHCD Ambulance Technician Course
Pearson the course regulator are discontinuing the IHCD Technician Course and so no further IHCD Courses will be run.
However, we have decided to continue to provide our EMT(I) Course
Please go to the following link 

Course Description:


This is the IHCD Ambulance Technician Course. The IHCD Technician course is the recognised qualification for employment as an Ambulance Technician within the NHS Ambulance Services across the United Kingdom. IHCD Ambulance Technicians are employable in the NHS, Private and voluntary ambulance sectors. This course is a must for all those wishing to work as an ambulance technician within the U.K.


The course is run over an 8 week period Monday to Friday. Training is delivered by experienced State Registered Paramedic Tutors


The Ambulance Technician Qualification is the first stage for the Paramedic Practice Qualification and can also be delivered as a stand alone qualification suitable for those providing emergency care.


This qualification is delivered in 4 units


  • Introduction to the Body Systems


  • Managing Injury and Illness


  • Special Conditions


  • Clinical Placement


The qualification includes 750 hours of appropriate clinical placement. Learners are advised to secure their clinical placement before commencing their training, and to check its suitability with the accredited Centre.


There are set knowledge assessments for each of the Units except the clinical placement. 


Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Body Systems (e.g., Respiratory, Cardiac, Nervous, Skeletal, Digestive)

  • Patient Examination and Assessment

  • Airway Management and Resuscitation

  • Cardiac monitoring and Automated External Defibrillation

  • Trauma

  • Wounds and Bleeding

  • Infants and Children


  • Maternity

  • Extremes of Body Temperature


  • Infection Prevention and Infectious Diseases

  • Law and Ambulance Staff

  • Major Incidents


This course can also be undertaken for those personnel currently working in hostile environments both on land and in the maritime sector.


Accreditation: Institute of Health Care Development (Edexcel/IHCD) Award (BTEC Level 3)


Course length: 8 weeks (Monday-Friday).


Entry requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or above
  • Physical ability to carry out all manual handling tasks
  • Communication ability
  • Current valid requirement to complete the course i.e. work in a setting that requires medical training



Course Structure Options:


The course is delivered in two formats as follows:


8 Week course

  • Course will run Monday to Friday for 8 weeks completing the required contact hours

  • All learners must attend all course sessions to satisfy requirements to sit examinations

Modulated course

  • Module D: 3 Weeks (Monday to Friday.
  • Module E: 3 Weeks (Monday to Friday)
  • Module F: 2 Weeks (Monday to Friday)
  • Each module will be separated by a minimum of 4 weeks for development and confirmation
  • All learners must attend all course sessions to satisfy requirements to sit examinations


Post Education Requirements


Practical Application

  • 750 Consolidation/supervised practice under direct supervision of IHCD Technician / HPC Paramedic

It is your responsibility to secure practical ambulance placements however we will assist through partner organisations



  • Submission of portfolio of evidence



Cost: £5,600.00   (5,000.00 if you hold the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency EMT(I) Qualification).



Accommodation: Accommodation prices are not included. However, we have links with local hotels and B&B with very good rates.



Booking Procedure:


  • 25% payment required at the time of booking
  • Completed booking form
  • Current CV
  • References from 2 referees
  • Completion of Placement Facilitation Agreement

To express an interest in this course, please e mail us for a booking form.  E Mail stating IHCD Tech Expression of Interest in the subject line.
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