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Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency

Training Organisation, Private Ambulance Service and Event Medical Cover for Wales, West Country & Midlands Regions . Tel: 07736 743956

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Payment & Terms 
Reservations may be made via Telephone, E-Mail or by Letter. All telephone requests must be confirmed in writing within 7 Days of the original telephone request.
Please note that certification is not issued until payment is received in full. Payment is required prior to training or, where agreed, no greater than 15 Days from the date of the invoice.
1.    A deposit of 25% of the course fee must be paid within 7 days of the course booking being accepted. This excludes UK Cobra Medic,
       EMT(B), EMT(I) & FPoS Courses where the full amount is due at the time of booking.
2.   Full payment is to be made at least 4 weeks before the commencement of the training course.
3.   Where a course involves an element of pre-learning / self study, from pre-learning materials supplied by PHECTA, payment is required no later than
      7 Days after you make your course booking.
4.   Upon receipt of the full booking fee, any pre-course learning materials are sent to candidates (where appropriate).
5.   Payment for courses with pre-learning is Non-Refundable as the pre-learning material forms part of the course and you are therefor deemed to
      have commenced the training.
6.   Where full payment has not been received, candidates will not be admitted onto the course.
7.   An administrative charge of 10% is added to the course cost where reminders for payment have been sent.
8.   Where reminders have been sent and payment has not been received in full, the candidate will not be entitled to any discounted prices and will be
      responsible for the full course fees.
9.   Where a reminder has been sent (via e mail, letter or telephone call), and payment has not been received within 7 Days, action shall be
      commenced to recover outstanding payment for the whole of the course fees, administrative charge and any additional costs.
10. Where oversees students are applying for a course the full course fee is due within 7 Days of making the booking.
11. It is the responsibility of the oversees student and / or their parent company / organisation to ensure that the correct entry visa requirements of the
     UK Boarder Agency are fully complied with and that all documentation is in place to allow them to atten a course within the United Kingdom. Candidates
     refused entry by UK Immigration are deamed to have failed to attend the course and will not be entitled to a refund of fees.
12. EMT, UK Cobra Medic & FPoS course payments are due in full within 7 Days of the course booking being made. Where there is an element of pre-course
      learning then course fees are not refundable. Where a candidate wishes to transfer to another course, this will be considered and will be allowed where there
      is capacity on the alternative course date. A 10% administrative fee is applicable.
How to make payment
Please contact us for method of payment instructions.
Late payment fee
Where payment terms have been agreed for payment after the delivery of training, payment is due within 15 Days of the date of the invoice.The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency reserves the right under "The Late Payment of Comercial Debts (Interest) Act 1988, to charge overdue accounts at base rate interest plus 8% where payment is not received.
Where customers fail to clear their outstanding debts within a specified time frame, we shall invoke the late payment of debts procedure, which can result in our agents being instructed to commence recovery procedings at the County Court.
Course Fees
All course fees are correct at the time of printing but may be subject to change. In which case, we reserve the right to change the fee applicable at the time we receive your application.
Transfer & Substitutions
T1. Transfer from one course to another will incur the loss of the course fees and incur a 10% administrative fee. Candidates will where possible be offered an altyernative course date. No more than 2 course transfers will be allowed by any candidate. The 10% administrative charge will be applicable on each transfer.
T2. Substitutions may be made prior to the commencement of the course provided that this is confirmed in writing. The restrictions on substitutions are that the substitute must meet the course entry requirements, only 1 substitution will be allowe per candidate, a 10% administrative fee is paid, the pre- learniong is completed by the substitute and presented at the commencement of the course (where applicable). Where candidates are of different sex to the original candidate on a course where accommodation is supplied, the transfer is only permissable where suitable accommodation is available for the substitute, as candidates share accommodation.
T3. Where an individual has booked onto a course and subsequently requests to transfer to a course at a later date that is priced at a higher rate than the course originally booked on, the transfer will only be accepted once the fees in T1 above are paid together with any difference between the original course fees and the new course fees are paid in full. 
T4. Where a candidate requests to transfer to an additional course, the candidate will be deemed to have forfeited payments for the original course. The place on the transferred course will be deemed to be offered at a fee of 10% of the course fee (administrative charge).
Client Cancellation
Cancellations received by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency must be via e-mail. Candidates MUST have a confirmation report acknowledging receipt of the e-mail. Cancellations received
  • Over 28 Days prior to commencement of the course Full Refund of course fees minus 10% administration fee
  • 21 - 27 Days prior to commencement of the course 50% refund of the course fees
  • 15 - 21 Days prior to commencement of the course 25% refund of the course fees
  • 14 days of less prior to the commencement of the course Loss of Total Course Fees
  • Non Attendance Loss of Total Course Fees
  • Where there is an element of pre-course learning from pre-course materials there will be no entitlement of reimbursement of course fees.


Course Information


All Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency Courses have strict timescales. It is suggested that candidates arrive at the training venue 10 minutes prior to the commencement of their course to enable personal admin to be undertaken, as the course will start on time.


All course modules must be completed. Therefor, late arrivals and candidates leaving early will not be entitled to attend the examinations.


Closing date for courses


Where courses have stating closing dates, NO Candidate will be accepted onto the course after 1200hrs on the closing date.


Programme changes


The pre-hospital emergency care training agency reserves the right to cancel and / or ammend course dates, times, content and venue. You will be notified in writing of any cancellations or ammendments. In circumstances beyond our control which result in a course being cancelled or have a change of venue at short notice, PHECTA shall endevour to arrange suitable alternatives.




Candidates details


Candidates are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that they complete the course registration form early and check that their name and contact details are correct, written in block capitals. Where certificates have been issued and there is a mistake on the candidates name and where the name on the certificate matches that on the registration sheet, then replacement certificates will incur a charge. these charges vary according to the course and the certification body.


Duplicate Certificate


Duplicate / replacement certificates may be issued. There is a charge applicable which varies according to the certification. The minimal fee for replacement certification is £20.00 and may be as much as £50.00 dependant of the course.


Mistakes on the certificate


If a mistake is the fault of the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency then the re-issue cost will be bourne by us.


If the mistake is due to the candidate then the fee for replacement / duplication is bourne by the candidate.




Candidates attending any BTEC courses such as FPoS(B), FPoS(I), Food Hygiene etc are required to produce two forms of identity. the following are acceptable


Candidates need to produce 1 form of identification from each of the 2 lists below. The home address items must be no greater than 3 months old.




Home Address


 PassportGas Bill 
 UK Driving Licence

Electricity Bill 

MOD 90 Water Rates Bill 
NHS ID Card  Landline Telephone Bill
 Bank Statement 


If you are in doubt as to what Identification is acceptable, please contact us.


Use of the Web Site


This web site is the property of the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training agency. It is protected by copyright. You may not copy, reproduce or use the contents of the web site without specific permission from the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency. Use of the web site as well as activities associated with the web site such as booking any activities, training or otherwise with the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency, individuals and organisations are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.



Acceptance of Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions govern your use of our website as well as the booking of activities i.e. training or other with the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency: By using our website and or booking activities with us, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with any of these terms and conditions, then your do not have permission to read the web site or book activities and we ask you to please not use the web site or book training courses.