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Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency

Training Organisation, Private Ambulance Service and Event Medical Cover for Wales, West Country & Midlands Regions . Tel: 07736 743956

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Shop Page 
We offer some items for sale on this page. Items are marked as New or Used. Our used items are of very good condition and have been used on Training Courses. 



NEW First Aid Bags


Green First Aid Bag with shoulder carry strap 

Ideal for carrying your first aid kit with you when

participating in activities away from your main

workplace / school / college / or sports events etc.




 NEW PHECTA Pocket Face Mask


The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency Pocket Face Mask is ideal to keep in your first aid bag, in the car, in your airway management bag etc. It allows you to perform rescue breaths when doing CPR in a far more hygienic way than using the Mouth to Mouth technique. It is also handy to keep as a back up incase of a malfunction with the Bag Valve Mask or other resuscitation device.




Pulse Oximeters Sale 50% off Only a handful remaining


We have reduced the price of the few remaining Finger Pulse Oximeters from the usual price of £100.00 per unit to £50.00 per unit. This is a 50% reduction in the price


Each Pulse oximeter is supplied with


  • Wrist Band
  • Batteries
  • Carry Case


Ideal for first aiders, first responders, ambulance staff, nursing staff, athletes 

These Pulse Oximeters measure the persons pulse as well as the oxyhaemoglobin levels. 

Fits into pockets or in first aid kits.


Sale Price


£50.00 per unit


When they are gone, they are gone.




Aluminium Orthopaedic Stretcher


We have a number of aluminium orthopaedic stretchers for sale. these stretchers are ideal for sports clubs such as rugby or football clubs.

These stretchers are designed to split into two half's so that a casualty can be "Scooped" up off the floor onto an ambulance trolley stretcher without the need to roll the casualty, which is especially important with casualties who have a suspected back injury


We have a number of these items for sale.


£140.00 each








 Long Spinal Boards


These spinal immobilisation boards are ideal for use by sporting organisations such as rugby and football clubs.


When used in conjunction with the above Orthopaedic (Scoop) Stretcher, an injured player can be removed relatively quickly from a cold sports field and transported into the changing room to await the arrival of an ambulance. This keeps the injured player in the warm and dry as oppose to having to wait on the cold ground in an open sports field.


We have a number of these items for sale.


£100 each


(when purchasing an orthopaedic stretcher and a long spinal board, the combined cost is £200.00. This is a saving of £40.00 on the individual purchase price).




We have some Ferno II Ambulance Carry Chairs for sale due to upgrading equipment


We have a number of these items for sale.



 Zoll M Series


12 lead ECG with manual = semi automatic defibrillation capabilities


we have a number of these M Series ZOLL Defibrillators which we are selling off due to equipment upgrades to our fleet.


We have not yet marked up the asking price, if you are interested in this item, please e mail us to stating you are interested in the zoll 12 lead ECG and offer a price.


We have a number of these items for sale.


Price:  Sensible  offers welcome at present


Zoll Battery Charger for M & E Series Zoll Defibrillator Re-Chargeable Batteries


This unit holds and charges 4 Zoll Batteries simultaneously.


We have a number of these items for sale.


Cost:  £250 per unit