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Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency

Training Organisation, Private Ambulance Service and Event Medical Cover for Wales, West Country & Midlands Regions . Tel: 07736 743956

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UK COBRA MEDIC COURSE          Tel:  07736 743956
For Close Protection Operatives Working In
Hostile Environments and Remote Area's
This course is for Close Protection Operatives, Marsec Operatives, Military Personnel, those working in the Oil & Gas Industry and those in Hostile and Remote Environments who undertake Medic duties. 


Course Duration - 72 Hours


Course Cost - £600.00  (Normal Price is £1,000.00)


Cost includes Course Manuals, Certificates for successful candidates etc.


Local accommodation is available at very good rates. We can supply a list of good local accommodation



Next Course Date with Vacancies  -  4th - 9th February 2017


Book now to avoid disapointment


See other course dates at bottom of page also See FPoS(I) for those not wishing to attend the whole cobra course.





The COBRA Medic course includes FPoS(I) with additional skills, FAW, Oxygen Therapy, Entonox, AED and the PHECTA Hostile Emergency Medic, which includes basic and advanced skills for the remote hostile situation where medical support may not be readilly available.


The Cobra Medic Course is 72 hours in duration. The course is led by an advanced clinical practitioner who is an experienced ex-service member and supported by a number of instructors who come from a variety of ex-military background,s some of whom are experienced State Registered Paramedics who able to guide you in Pre-Hospital Trauma Care as you progress through your course.


Our Training Team come from various backgrounds.




The training involves a mixture of classroom theory and practical skill stations that will enable you to have a good understanding of pre-hospital trauma and what actions you will need to take in the field.


On successful completion of the UK Cobra Medic Course, Close protection operatives will have the pre-hospital emergency care skills and knowledge to enable you to operate with a private security company as a vital member of their team providing medical care to those who are injured.


UK Cobra Medics have basic and more advanced life saving skills, which can be used to help sustain trauma victims in Hostile Environments. The training not only involves roles where you will be able to assist Paramedics, you will also be taught how to undertake advanced skills in emergency situations in hostile and remote environments, that would usually only be undertaken by State Registered Paramedics and Doctors here in the UK.


The course shall also prepare you so that if you are required to assist Paramedics and Doctors in certain clinical settings, dependant on your parent organisation's policies and procedures. you will be able to do so. You may also be required to assist Army personnel such as Combat Medical Technicians working in challenging situations where medical back up is not immediately available.


Your training will enable you to deliver immediate assistance to wounded personnel ranging from minor medical emergencies to major trauma situations.










The course uses basic knowledge and skills required for FAW & FPoS(I) through to advanced knowledge and skills to enable you to be able to deal with casualties in the  immediate afetrmath through to more prolonged periods when it is recognised that assistance may be Hours or even Days away.


Training is delivered by Experienced State Registered Paramedic Instructors supported by IHCD Technicians who are ex military personnel. The course is designed to encompass all of the requirements for those operating in hostile and remote environments throughout the world in support of British Subjects. The underpinning knowledge gained on the Level 3 First Person on Scene Syllabus together with the enhanced skills and theory of the Cobra Medic will give candidates the opportunity to further advance their current medical skills and to operate as an effective Remote Team Medic. 







The course is open to those currently working as medics as well as those wishing to work as medics in Hostile Environments.


Examples of eligible persons are:


  • Close Protection Operatives working as medics - Land Based
  • Close Protection Operatives wishing to work as medics - Land Based
  • Marsec personnel working as medics
  • Marsec personnel wishing to work as medics
  • Military Medics
  • Military Personnel
  • Gas and Oil Industry Medics
  • Police Tactical Fire-Arms Team Members
  • Journalists intending to work in Hostile Environments
  • News and Documentary Camera Teams intending to work in Hostile Environments
  • UK USAR Personnel
  • UK Fire & Rescue Personnel
  • UK Police
  • MOD Police
  • BT Police
  • Private Security Operatives
  • Mountain Rescue Personnel


Please confirm your eligability. If you do not fall into any of the above criteria but feel you may fit the criteria, e mail us your details giving a brief explanation of your role to





Course Content  


Level 3 First person on Scene Content

  • The Pre-Hospital Environment
  • Patient Assessment
  • Basic Airway Management
  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Airway Procedures
  • Defibrillation
  • Circulation & Shock
  • Trauma Management
  • Medical Related Emergencies
  • Patient Stabilisation
  • Cervical Collars
  • Long Board
  • Vehicle Extraction 


Cobra Medic Advanced Skills include:


  • Care Under Fire
  • Heamorrhage Control
  • Intraoesious Cannulation
  • Fluid Therapy
  • Needle Chest Decompression
  • IGEL
  • Drugs
  • K.E.D.


For those who operate as Tier 1 Medics there is an Intravenous Cannulation and Intubation Module. For those who are not operating in a Tier 1 Medic Role, this skill will be covered as a nice to know and not a need to know, so that you may assist a Tier 1 medic where required.


Candidates will undertake the following skills


Airway Management -  Manual Anatomical Methods, Oropharyngeal Airways, Naso-Pharyngeal Airways, I-Gel Airways

                              - Pocket Face Mask, Bag Valve Mask                                          

                              - Manual Aspiration, Mechanical Aspiration

Circulation              - Defibrillation

                              - Manual Wound Management

                              - Haemostatic Agents, Celox, Quick Clot

                              -Tourniquet application

                              - Dressings and bandages, Emergency Bandages

Immobilisation        - Cervical Collars, KED, Long Board

                              - SAM Splints, Frac Pac's



The course shall encompass


  • Realistic Scenario Training
  • Theory and Practical complimenting the learning process




Course Duration:   6 - Days         


Cost:  £600.00


Included in the cost is:


  • Course Manuals
  • Certificates for successful candidates





  • HSE - First Aid at Work
  • AoFA Level 3 First Person on Scene
  • PHECTA - UK Cobra Medic
  • AED (defibrillation)
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Entonox




Why do the Cobra Course?


The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency UK Cobra Medic Course will enhance candidates skill levels enabling them to deliver emergency life saving techniques in hostile and hazardous conditions. This course is ideal for the modern Soldier or Close Protection Operative and those working in or visiting hostile and remote environments


You will receive training in rapid assessment techniques, enabling rapid intervention to stabalise and transfer trauma and medical casualties. The course is designed for those requiring extended skills. The training includes measured theory and practical sessions designed to develop individual candidates skill base.


The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency, UK Cobra Medic Course has been designed to take candidates knowledge and skills to a high level.



Training Team


Our training team consist of experienced Ex-Military Medical Service Personnel, many of whom are State Registered Paramedic Instructors within the NHS and who have a wide variety of knowledge and experience in Hostile Environment Trauma Management work including close protection, surveillance, and medical tactics. Our staff are able to truly relate to hostile environment casualty management and will help guide and skill you up to enable you to be fit for purpose when deployed either as part of HM Forces or with a Private Security Organisation.




Arrange Your Training Needs


We understand that as a close Protection Operative, your role may vary from protection of individual clients to protection of Embasies and other buildings, Convoy protection or operating as Mersac operatives.


We are therefor able to offer specific specialised training to Private Security Organisations who wish us to train their Close Protection Operatives.


We are able to deliver courses for organisations where 4 or more operatives require training on a course. Please e mail us at with your details so that we can discuss and arrange training.


Future Course Dates


Course Fees include accommodation






Friday 4th February


Wednesday 9th February 

£600.00 Vacancies












Book Early to avoid Disapointment


E-Mail your enquiry to


Telephone  07807 456569




The following immages show the type of terain where the night exercise shall take place.


The night exercise forms part of the assessment phase of the course.





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