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Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency (PHECTA)

Training Organisation, Private Ambulance Service and Event Medical Cover for Wales, West Country & Midlands Regions

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Professional First Aid Training, Event Medical Cover & Private Ambulance Service

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JULY 2014           Tel: 08717 179514   Mobile: 07807 456569 





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News Items


Event Cover for 2014 

Event Medical Cover


We are happy to announce that we have upgraded the vehicle fleet and have additional 4x4 ambulance vehicles available for event medical cover work as well as for assistance to the NHS and local authorities during periods of Inclament Weather, High Demand, or for assistance with patient transport together with our front line Emergency Ambulances.











New ready for 2014



 Emergency Care Assistant (Ambulance) Course


The new course is now available and details can be seen on the web site. we are currently taking names from interested people wishing to undertake this course.


February 2014 


Join Us Now


Become a Member


We are seeking volunteer members to undertake the following role's as first aiders, First Responders, Ambulance Staff,  we are seeking people who want to be trained as well as existing first aiders, EMT's, Student and Qualified Nurses, Student and Qualified Medical Staff in South Wales.



The Volunteer Group Based in Ferndale, Rhondda are seeking new members from all over South Wales. There is no Restrictions on those from St John & Red Cross Joining us.


We are especially seeking those who have worked within other first aid, ambulance and rescue organisations to come along and join us, share your experiences and become a team member.


e-mail us at



January 2014


 Orthopaedic Stretchers for Sale


We have a number of aluminium orthopaedic stretchers that we are offering for sale due to us upgrading our equipment.


These stretchers are ideal for use on ambulances, with football or Rugby Clubs etc and are used to safely move a casualty with a back injury from the floor to a stretcher without the need to roll or move the casualty due to the stretchers ability to split into two and "Scoop the casualty up".


Cost £120.00 per stretcher plus postage.





January 2014  Ferno Compact II Carry Chairs for Sale


We have a number of Ferno Compact II Cary Chairs that we are offering for sale due to us upgrading our equipment.


These Chairs are ideal for use on ambulances, with Care Homes or First Aid Groups etc and are used to safely move a casualty who is unable to walk. These carry chairs fold up for easy storage.


Cost £120.00 per carry chair plus postage.




 January 2014

 IHCD Instructors


We arer seeking IHCD  Instructors to become a part of our team on a bank working system delivering IHCD Technician Courses.


we are seeking several instructors so that we can fit in the driving courses around instructors availability.


Send a CV with copies of your qualifications to

January 2014

 Pulse Oximeter Sale 50% off Only a handful remaining

We have reduced the price of the few remaining Finger Pulse Oximeters from the usual price of £100.00 per unit to £50.00 per unit. This is a 50% reduction in the price


Each Pulse oximeter is supplied with


  • Wrist Band
  • Batteries
  • Carry Case


Ideal for first aiders, first respoders, ambulance staff, nursing staff, athletes 

These Pulse Oximeters measure the persons pulse as well as the oxyhaemoglobin levels.

 Fits into pockets or in first aid kits.


Sale Price


£50.00 per unit


When they are gone, they are gone.

January 2014 


Ambulance Volunteers


We are activly seeking people to join our ambulance crews undertaking patient transport journeys accross the UK. contact us for further details.



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We provide a wide range of courses and services including:


  • First Aid at Work                           3-Day First Aid at Work,

                                                                    1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work

                                                                    2 Day First Aid at Work Requalification


  • First Person on Scene                  10 Hour - First Person on Scene Basic                                                          
  •                                                      30 Hour - First Person on Scene Intermediate
  • EMT Training                                40 Hour EMT Basic

                                                                  180 Hour EMT(I)

                                                                   180 Hour EMT Intermediate


  • Close Protection                            6 Day UK Cobra Medic Course

                                                                     5 Day FPoS(I)


  • Sports                                             4-Hour Emergency Sports First Aid

                                                                     1-Day Sports First Aid

                                                                     2-Day Sports Injuries and Pitch Side Medical Staff

                                                                     3-Day Sports Injuries Management Course


  • Paediatric                                       12-Hour Paediatric & Epi-Pen Course - OFSTED & CSSIW Compliant 


  • Food Hygiene                                   Level 2 Food Hygiene Course

                                                                        Level 3 Food Hygiene Course

We provide a wider range of courses as well as providing a private ambulance service and event cover.